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A little on sci-fi on screen (old)

A little on Sci-Fi.
I've just watched Serenity.
Also, recently finished Battlestar Galactica first year (waiting for my 2nd year pack from Amazon).
Well, Serenity is great. They did a great use of the money, but isn't better than some episodes from the series (Objects in Space and Out of Gas comes to mind). Also, viewing the deleted scenes, I found very interesting the choices Whedon made on the editing room: he favored the pouring of information over the exposition usual in most Hollywood stuff.
I have the seven years of Buffy on hold to see how he has evolved to that point.

Battlestar Galactica.
What to say that wasn't already said? Truly good character driven story. Helped for some very good characterizations (and almost sunk for Sharon... I hoped she was killed soon, to discover in despair that she is Legion, and pregnant).
I found only two things confusing. One was solved (in a very lame way, as I found looking into the deleted scenes): it was why in Hell the Socinus' character was in the Raptor going to Kobol and not in prison?. There is an stupid deleted scene in which the Chief took him out of the Brig (sp?). They did the right choice: is better the audience think that you make a mistake than to confirm that you ran out of good ideas to solve minimal issues.
The other thing goes around the Baltar Test. Baltar made its beta test on Sharon and he got and instantaneous correct answer. In the next episode (and in some others for a long time) most of his "personal (selfish) drama" turns around him having to make the test on everybody in the fleet... And the test takes 11 hours to be made!... Also, we learn that he will make everybody pass the test! So, there is no other reason to make it to take that long than to justify the plot for... only one episode!!! As later he went for the political plot... Maybe I'm missing something.

On Star Wars: it sucks big. Except for The Empire Strikes Back, and I sense the dark hand of Kasdan all over it (from the dialogues to the mise en escene), which sucks a bit less.

Starship Troopers: best parody (not satire, you illiterates) of propaganda war films I've seen. Nothing better to do from that book, except that you take the time to really deepen on all the details of that failed eutopia (as it isn't even a dystopia, ala 1984. More like The Iron Dream by Spinrad, just that taken seriously).

Babylon 5: I saw the first episodes, got disappointed, then got back and watched the last ones. Looked like a different show. I plan to buy it sometime in the future to see it all.

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  1. From the time I wrote it, I also watched 2nd year of BSG.
    There is not much to add or correct to the former appreciation.