miércoles, 31 de enero de 2007

MTV, by Beck (one of the many versions, live)

MTV...is a serious channel, programming almost night and day, 24 hours
Lot of people working for the MTV
Lot of people punching the clock down at the MTV
Hard-working people, MTV...feeding a lot of families!
It's an infrastructure you just don't even understand
Serrated edges of the bosses commands
I'm working on a night shift, working on a night shift, yea, down at MTV
It was a night shift night and the stars were black

And the faces were tense, faces, because they were on somebody's head
A lot of important jobs going down at the network, yea
Gotta make those numbers fit
Get more of those bathing suits and jiggle jiggle jiggle jiggle
Showing something that you never get
You can look, but you can't touch
On the MTV, ohhh, it's a beautiful melody, MTV yea
MTV makes you feel like smoking...crack
But don't forget to take your vitamins too
Because when the crack wears off you're gonna feel a bit rough
You're gonna feel like VH-1 coming down, yea
Talking about VH-1 coming down on a VH-1 morning
We're coming down!

Beck, August 22 2002

4 comentarios:

  1. Laburando a la 1 y pico y con cosas aún por hacer, no puedo menos que recordar esa bella melodía...

  2. jajaja una oda al espiritu de emtivi, gracias a vos que te deslomas, gente como yo puede disfrutar de las melodias sin enteder de que habla beck


    cherry cacahuate

  3. No te hagás la gila, que vos recién saliste de la amansadora.

  4. ahora soy parte del grupo de los zombies televidentes, si me envidias es tu problema no el mio, ja!